SayYesMore Ambassador

This year I'm honoured to be an Ambassador for SayYesMore. We will be working together to challenge comfort zones, spread a message of positive mental health and make a positive difference in any way we can.

"SayYesMore is a social enterprise that creates events, spaces and situations that bring people together, often in the great outdoors. We nudge people towards realising what they're really capable of, and the spaces we curate are designed to let ideas and mindsets blossom.

Whether it's supporting brave decisions, encouraging adventurous thinking, finding (or creating) work that we love or simply designing a lifestyle that fits perfectly with our individual personalities and needs, we figure that if we look after ourselves and those around us and don't forget to have fun along the way, the world will be a much better place.

Saying yes more means something different to everyone, but our intention is for it to be a call to action for anyone wanting to make life count,"

Why I do it

My own journey with mental health has taught me to make every moment count and pushing myself outside my comfort zone can only ever be a good thing. Sometimes we just need a little push and SayYesMore are infectiously good at this. They're thoroughly good people and get my vote!

My YesList:

I'm always open to ideas that combine my creativity and love of adventure. Let's work together to make cool stuff happen.

  • Tour Aotearoa

  • C2C in a day

  • Snowboard Japan

  • Publish a colouring/illustrated book

  • Sell canvases & prints

  • Sketch more strangers

  • Help people brand themselves

  • Give a YesStory

  • Paint a mural

  • Wild camp

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