Older people in Cold Weather

Produced with Hands Up for Age UK


Income Inequality

Startling facts on the rising pay gap, produced with Hands Up for Inequality Briefing & High Pay Centre



Introductory video for CLIC. A new client registration system fromMarie Stopes

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Welcome to the online portfolio of freelance motion graphics designer and digital artist Tom Napper.

A London based creative with several years experience and a BA(Hons) in Multimedia Design & Digital Animation, Tom specialises in motion graphics and illustration for a large variety of projects. Adept in several other areas of design including infographics, branding, storyboarding and product conceptualising, he is a highly adaptable designer ready to tackle any creative problem you throw at him.

So pull up a chair, settle down with a cup of tea, and spare five minutes to check out his portfolio. If you like what you see, keep up to date with the networks, drop him a message or visit again soon!

Tom is currently available to hire so for more info, discuss ideas over a coffee or simply say hi, email him here.

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